A downloadable game for Windows

You are a Karma Chameleon. You are trying to do right in the world, but you also have to eat!

Catch as many flies as you can in the time limit to score. Shoot out your tongue to collect them.

Be careful though, your tongue will also steal money from any citizens it touches. You can use this power for good or evil, by catching thieves and returning gold to their victims with your sticky tongue as well. Doing good deeds will give you bonuses and add time to the timer, evil deeds will be punished with debuffs.

WASD - Move
Space - Jump
Click - Tongue (catch flies / steal / return money)

1st bonus: Double tongue length
2nd bonus: Speed boost (Shift to activate)
3rd bonus: Cloak (Q to activate)

1st debuff: Half tongue length
2nd debuff: Half speed


Max Koo (mjkoo) - 3D Assets and Programming
Rob Lathrop (rizato) - Programming
Daniella Herrera (bruja) - 2D Assets and Sound

3rd Party Assets used:
UE4 starter content
Adobe Fuse CC
Mixamo animations
Substance painter default materials
Shingle substance https://share.substance3d.com/libraries/1159
By rene2112 used under Creative Common's "Attribution 4.0 International" Stucco substance https://share.substance3d.com/libraries/475
    By amaraklov used under Creative Common's "Attribution 4.0 International" Manhole generator https://share.substance3d.com/libraries/783
    By william.art.fr used under Creative Common's "Attribution 4.0 International" Stylized brick https://share.substance3d.com/libraries/319
    By oXYnary1 used under Creative Common's "Attribution 4.0 International"
Modcat VST
Pulsation VST
TranceDrive VST

Install instructions

Packed UE4 project, download and run, tested on Windows 10 x86_64


KarmaChameleon_win64.zip 240 MB